Riding with Killers is a three-piece rock band based out of Detroit, MI. While Riding with Killers is new entity, the members are comprised of well seasoned industry veterans. Taylor Roberts, front man of RWK,  formerly of the band Cathercist/Wild Fire, met drummer Dave Coughlin in 2013 on tour together. The pair instantly hit it off on the road. Years later, after many talks of playing/writing music together, the idea finally gained life after Roberts left  his home on the Gulf Coast and moved north in the pursuit of focusing more on music. 

Dave and Taylor found their missing piece of the puzzle with the addition of James Lascu, formerly of the Detroit based rock band Wilson. Oddly enough all three have crossed paths many times over the years and now they are currently in studio writing more material.

While Riding with Killers has been unable to perform due to Covid-19 circumstances, that hasn't affected their ability to make commotion both on satellite ad terrestrial radio alike. RWK has enjoyed a few number #1 spots on Rockfile Radio with their songs "Fixing You", "Is Anybody Listening", and "Self Destruct". They were also able to gain praise from the man himself on the syndicated radio show "Bubba The Love Sponge".

With new music on the way and a hungry desire to see the stage again, Riding with Killers is paving an unmistakable path that you'll want to be a part of. 

Vocals/Guitar: Taylor Roberts

Vocals/Bass- James Lascu

Drums- Dave Coughlin